Asset Protection

Albert A. van Daalen Services (Alvadas) can facilitate asset protection. Asset protection consists of methods available to protect assets from liabilities elsewhere. It should not be confused with limiting liability, which concerns the ability to stop or constrain liability to the asset or activity from which it arises. The support includes protecting assets of corporations and their stakeholders from creditors and public registers.

An example of asset protection

A Dutch Caribbean Private Foundation, also known as a ‘Stichting Particulier Fonds’ (SPF) in Dutch, is a separate legal entity protecting assets and providing estate planning. While a Dutch foundation (‘stichting’) is originated as a structure for cultural and charitable purposes, the private foundation also hold assets for individuals and families abroad. Benefits: 1) Tax Free: As long as a private foundation does not engage in active businesses, all income is totally tax free. 2) Low Corporate Tax: Private foundations opting to engage in commercial activities are taxed at a reduced corporate tax rate of 10% for the first three years. 3) Asset Protection: The founder’s assets can be owned by the foundation. Beneficiaries are “economic owners”. 4) The founder and economic owners are not named in public records unless they pay taxes.

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