Your Sparring Partner In An Ever-Changing World

The world changes continuously. And technology accelerates these developments even further. In nature, all organisms must be able to adapt their habitat to survive. Therefore, the surviving organism is the one that knows how to adapt itself to changes in the environment in which it finds itself. What is true in nature also largely applies to organizations. As of the industrial revolution, organizations mainly focus on increasing production, material wealth and realizing economic growth. Organizations have, thus, come to see themselves as detached from the natural environment in which they operate and have started to organize themselves in an unnatural way. Policy choices based on purely technical considerations have subsequently become the center of interest, while simultaneously it is also of great importance to make full use of the available knowledge and skills, and be part of society at large in a sustainable way.

Help with your future-proof strategy

That is why I am keen on helping businesses and institutions to work out in detail what their strategy entails. I am available to support the process of drawing up a plan for the future, which is aimed at (continuously) adapting to the ever-changing (market) environment in the best possible way. A strategy in which human capital and other resources, but also sustainability, are as important as management and control. If the realization of that plan for the future requires (re)structuring, I would gladly offer my expertise in support of that process. If the selected strategy makes an acquisition or other corporate service imperative, the entire process could be part of my services as well.

Albert A. van Daalen V.D.M.

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