About The Core Business Of Alvadas

The core business of Alvadas, an abbreviation of Albert A. van Daalen Services, includes Management Consultancy related to Business & Financial Strategy. Worldwide. The focus is primarily on Investment Banking and Trade Finance.

Management Consultancy Services

The Investment Banking Services aim to raise capital through private equity, debt finance or structured finance using the networks of Maruti and Terra Novum. The Trade Finance Services provide a comprehensive approach to structuring complex trade transactions for a variety of stakeholders, including importers, exporters, trading companies, and contractors.

In addition, Alvadas offers (project) management, as well as trust solutions, including asset protection and privacy security, not to hide wealth and avoid heavy taxes, but because everyone has the right to the protection of the private sphere and personal data. If required, Alvadas works closely with lawyers, tax and accounting professionals to offer seamless, integrated services.

Deriving from its CSR Policy, Alvadas wants to avoid involvement with clients who are engaged in:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive substances
  • Gambling
  • Production of weapons and defense tools
  • Human rights and labor violations
  • Environmental damage
  • Terrorism affiliations and money laundering


Investors and other funders would like to see a solid business plan, but good governance is also important. To help businesses and institutions with both, Albert van Daalen has developed several documents. One document is for a business plan in English. The other document is for good governance of non-profit organizations in Dutch.

Please contact Albert A. van Daalen for more information about the services described above.