About the core business of Alvadas

Alvadas, an abbreviation of Albert A. van Daalen Services, is a trade mark of the Albert A. van Daalen Group. Alvadas operates as a facilitator in corporate services, including corporate finance, and real estate for businesses and institutions. Alvadas works in close collaboration with other (certified) professionals around the world.

Focus on business market

Alvadas focuses primarily on the business market in its real estate facilitating, social and commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, for example. Alvadas also act as a facilitator for supply and demand regarding capital sources. In addition, Albert A. van Daalen V.D.M. offers trough Alvadas other corporate services. Worldwide.

Banking and non-bank capital sources.

For most businesses, debt and equity funding are the main sources of capital. Both are external to the business itself. The money comes from banks or bond issues, equity participation of investors, venture capital funds or other non-bank sources of capital.

Other corporate services

Alvadas facilitates corporation formation of a Dutch limited partnership (commanditaire vennootschap), Dutch foundation (stichting), Dutch association (vereniging), or Dutch ecclesiastical entity (kerkelijke rechtspersoon), and other corporations around the globe. In addition, Alvadas facilitates the management of corporations, as well as corporate migration, asset protection and privacy security.