I Petri Epistula 4,10: “Unusquisque sicut accepit gratiam, in alterutrum illam administrantes, sicut boni dispensatores multiformis gratiae Dei.”

About my services

My services as an all-round management consultant are primarily related to Investment Banking & Trade Finance. Worldwide.

The Investment Banking Services aim to raise capital through private equity, debt finance or structured finance. My corporate clients are both capital seekers and capital providers. My efforts for funding are aimed at matching both parties.

The Trade Finance Services provide a comprehensive approach to structuring complex trade transactions for a variety of stakeholders, including importers, exporters, trading companies, and contractors.

In addition, in collaboration with other professionals, I offer my corporate clients (project) management, as well as advisory regarding asset protection and privacy security around the world.

In the ‘world of big and fast money’, I try to distinguish myself as an expert by experience that you can rely on, while always being mindful of who my client is and how best to address their needs and concerns. After all, each client has different sensitivities and a different approach to investing or trade.

About my ministries

As an ordained minister I want to serve churches and society through ecumenical pastoral and diaconal ministries. My ministries are characterized by a non-dogmatic and non-ideological approach, which includes both conservative and liberal positions.

The focus in my diaconal ministry is on connecting theological and religious sources of the past with current socio-economic and political issues. What connects beliefs is that they focus on well-being instead of prosperity and on values instead of (self) interests. This connection leads to the premise that we must prevent humans as the dominant primate becoming a danger to life on earth and thereby to themselves and others.

That vision has led, among other things, to my involvement in investments that are mainly concerned with the question: how can investments contribute to a total value: F (financial) + S (social) + E (ecological)? At the same time, it is important to encourage those who invest to use their beliefs in a way that makes them feel empowered, hopeful and more committed to a future-proof planet.

My pastoral ministry is focused on careful being there for everyone without exception in their search for meaningful answers to personal life questions. And being involved as an ecumenical minister in rites of passage, such as baptisms, marriages and funerals.

Honorary doctorates

In mid 2020, I received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree for my services to church and society. And later in 2021, also in the United States, an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree for my contribution to critical thinking about the role and impact that religion and belief can play in personal development and fulfillment from a humanities perspective.

“Failure is success in progress” (Albert Einstein)

My Albert A. van Daalen Group is a collection of parent, subsidiary and affiliated corporations around the world that function as a single economic entity trough a common source of control. In mid-2016, I filed voluntarily for bankruptcy as a result of involvement with investors who did not perform. 5 out of 10 corporations were not bankrupt and have continued to provide their services successfully. Sir Richard Branson, the highly experienced business magnate and well-known investor, also noted in this context: “Entrepreneurship in its very essence is all about taking risks.” Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for solutions and alternative ways or doing everything. And crucially, an entrepreneur doesn’t give a damn about failure because s/he knows that failure is in fact, discovery. Some entrepreneurs stated, “The only way I will know if something works is doing it and that means doing what seems impossible or unlikely.” Entrepreneurs are comfortable with failure, almost enjoying it, of course as far as clients are not disadvantaged. This is because every experience, positive or negative, even a bankruptcy, tells us something. If we are working in a specific area of expertise, corporate advisory, for example, our experiences of doing will become a rich mixture of interconnected successes and failures. I have experienced it myself in my businesses.

Unbiased, Professional Advice And Support

Those experiences are involved in my expertise as an entrepreneur and executive in business and finance. The result is that I’m able to give unbiased, professional advice and support that is always in the best interest of my clients.

Track Record

More than 100 assignments have been completed on a freelance basis for small and medium-sized businesses, investment banks and funds, informal investors, intermediaries in corporate finance and real estate, accounting and consulting firms, (health) care and educational institutions, denominations, as well as associations and foundations for the general benefit.

You can find all contact info on the webpage ‘Contact‘.